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Why holistic education is

Holistic education instils curiosity and develops better communication and social skills. The holistic approach encourages children to make connections in a subject, using their creative skills. Develop psychological, social, and emotional growth. Make learning natural and engaging.

Every parent wants their child to top not only in education but also in life. And they need to know that this could only be attainable through some good knowledge and literacy. Therefore, schools play a vital part in erecting a good base for the child. So, it's necessary to know how a different education system can help their child develop. And that’s why a new learning approach to tutoring is introduced currently which is Holistic Education.

In short holistic approach means providing support that will help in developing the whole person, not only their mental well-being. The support will also consider their physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Taking a holistic approach to child development means understanding that children's physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual health are all interconnected. By making this assumption, practitioners focus on the overall development of the child rather than just the cognitive aspects of learning.

For example, if one child lacks the physical ability to use a spoon while other children can, their emotional development may be affected by a lack of independence and self-esteem at mealtimes. Likewise, if a child is very shy and lacks social development, this may hinder the development of language skills if they are unable to practice language skills in front of other children.

Matippu understands the requirements and concerns of parents and therefore believes in giving children a value-based education. Our goal is for students to be physically strong, mentally alert and spiritually uplifted. We practice integrated learning and well-rounded development to ensure that students receive their education while developing life skills, participating in sports and reaching their full potential. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of emphasizing, practicing and encouraging Indian values, spirit and traditions while nurturing future global citizens.

Holistic education is designed to prepare students for the challenges of life and academics. Holistic education considers it important for young people to learn:

  • • About themselves.
  • • About healthy relationships and prosocial behaviour.
  • • Social development.
  • • Emotional development.
  • • Elasticity.

A traditional classroom has rows of desks and chairs. Students sit inside and passively listen to the information the teacher gives them. They can only speak with the teacher's permission. In a holistic classroom, students arrange classes in many different ways depending on what they will learn. They may sit in a three- or four-seat pod for group discussions. They may be working at desks where laboratory experiments or art projects are being held. There is a lot of noise as students share their thoughts and findings. These events really appeal to them.

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    Every parent wants A+ Report card from the school

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    Less bothered to have interpersonal skills in their children

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    They know what is communication but less concerned to know when, where and how

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    Wants their kid to be placed at first position but don’t promote them to Lead a team along with

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    Wants their kid that they should greet the guests the best but forget to make them understand the value of greeting someone.

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